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The result of a team that works together is high productivity, integrity and responsibility, our personally designed interactive group sessions turn communication into a powerhouse.

A highly qualified motivator and transformative trainer ensures every individual and group overcome their barriers to success. Trained by the very best, we are dedicated to providing you with an out-of-this-world fire walking and/or team experience. We have a 100% success rate with delegates talking to each other and walking across hot coals.

“BENEFIT” in the work place from our communication packages…

With 100% commitment from all staff members our packages transform, diversity, communication, staff engagement, strong relationships, feeling connected and valued, better attitude, increased productivity, less pressure and stress, increased revenue and profits.

Change is a process…not a one time learning event!

Add a new dimension to your next corporate event. Fire walking and our carefully designed group sessions are empowering – a sure-fire way to turn a mundane occasion into a sensational activity-fuelled day. Fire walking and The Haka are life-changing experiences, awe-inspiring to watch, exhilarating to do, there are few experiences that deliver so much. Inspire employers and employees with a thrilling team-building group activity, Motivate teammates and break through barriers by doing something truly astounding

About Firewalking

A unique and powerful experience – ideal for employees and leadership teams

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Safety First

If you decide to do “The Fire Walk” safety is paramount to the success and enjoyment of the day. Nothing is more important at Ignite.


Our Packages

There’s something for every occasion with bespoke packages available.


What should I expect at an Ignite Firewalking event?

An event with Ignite incorporates powerful motivational talks and activities in the lead up to the ultimate challenges of the day – Improving communication, The Haka and/or walking on fire.
Calling on our founder Terry Careswell’s Maori heritage, you’ll experience the true origins of The Haka and fire walking as a sacred rite of passage.
Combined with a number of associated exercises such for improving communication and performing the Haka, your experience will be rich and magical – one you’ll carry with you for life.
As you’re coached through the process by a highly trained professional you’ll develop a mindset that’s ready to take over the world. Soon, you’ll find yourself walking on fire, achieving the impossible and realising there really is nothing you can’t do.
Ignite Firewalking only operate in highly safe environments where participant safety is paramount.

Why is fire walking so powerful?
With every instinct in your body warning against the danger and peril of fire, stepping across the hot coals takes more than courage. It takes a new mindset to overcome those limiting beliefs.
That new mindset can make us realise anything is possible. It pushes our boundaries and bonds us with those who journey with us, forming lifelong memories and signifying lasting change.
It helps us realise that an open mind and determination can change “I can’t “ to “I can” and will leave you with renewed self belief, a desire for success and a new drive to reach your full potential.
This time-honoured ritual is referenced in many ancient articles and has a long history. People have fire walked over the centuries to improve fertility, demonstrate strength and during the Roman era it could even get you out of paying your taxes!
While we can’t guarantee a tax break, we can guarantee a unique and fun experience in the safe hands of highly trained professionals.
Ignite fire walking events is for those looking for:
  • A challenge
  • A new way to improve communication
  • A unique team building event
  • Some really good fun
  • Proof they can do anything!
  • A memory that will last forever

We know you will have a great experience









We offer three exciting events to suit every occasion.



CAMPFIRE – Team Building (very interactive)
  • Duration – 2. Hours
  • Locations – Nationwide / International
  • Group Size – 10 – 80


BONFIRE – Communication improvement (leaders or employees)
  • Duration – Full day
  • Locations – Nationwide / International
  • Group Size – 10 – 30
  • “THE NZ HAKA” https://youtu.be/vYmszJ00aMM
  • History of “The Haka”
  • Trust transformation
  • Building a power team
  • feeling valued
  • Productivity established
  • Clear vision
  • Increase in enthusiasm
  • The Haka,energising (Group performance)


WILDFIRE – Total Communication Transformation (Leadership teams) 3 Month support, 
  • Duration – 3 months
  • Locations – Nationwide / International
  • Group Size – 10 – 30
  • Your work place environment 3 month support
  • “THE NZ HAKA” https://youtu.be/vYmszJ00aMM
  • History of “The Haka”
  • Trust transformation
  • Productivity gains
  • Ongoing support
  • Building a power team
  • Crystal clear goals
  • Feeling valued
  • Increased performance
  • team breakthroughs
  • Productivity established
  • Massive increase in sales
  • Showing appreciation
  • The Haka, fun energising (Group performance)
  • Designed Habit model to align to your companies values

About Ignite Firewalking and Terry Careswell

Terry is the founder of Ignite Firewalking and has a fantastic talent for building people’s confidence and motivation toward doing the walk and improving communication group sessions, with 20+ years as an engineer working all over the world in oil & gas, mining, power generation, high speed trains he knows only too well how a lack of communication can terribly affect team dynamics. A Speaker, Transformational Trainer and Motivator, Terry inspires everyone to take the steps towards improvement.
The focus at Ignite is that only those who want to do the walk do so; it’s OK to say no on the day if you don’t feel comfortable. Terry has a natural ability to help people feel at ease, safe and inspired no matter what your preference is.
Terry is originally from New Zealand and uses his Maori cultural history to engage his audience as well as sharing the background and rituals of “The Haka” Composed by (“Te Rauparaha”), made famous by the “All Blacks” New Zealand rugby team, to help walkers feel the spirit of the fire walk.
“I am passionate about helping people realise their potential and break through barriers in life; Our fire walking and interactive group sessions are the perfect scenarios for this. I love seeing people realise what they are capable of when they focus the mind.
As a keen sportsman, I see fire walking and efficient communication as a fantastic team builder. It creates an amazing connection, it’s emotional, it forms a bond and adds value it’s a memory which everyone in the team will share forever.”
Terry at the ripe age of 41 realised his childhood dream of playing for a country in sport and was part of the England Touch Rugby Team in the Touch Rugby World Cup in 2015 in Australia where they gained the Bronze medal.

What are people saying about Ignite Firewalking?

"This was an amazing event, Terry and his team are fantastic. We loved every minute. Especially loved the Haka experience, it got us really in the mood for the walk. Thank you Ignite for a fantastic event"

"Thank you for a really memorable event. Before the event I intrigued and curious, you made the event as exciting as it sounded"

"A great team event to demonstrate what each person can experience and share together"

"Absolute must to do if ever you have the opportunity"

"Fun and enjoyable, real sense of achievement, a real feel good experience, if in doubt, do it"

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