Here is a little background on us


Terry is the founder of Ignite Firewalking and has a fantastic talent for building people’s confidence and motivation toward doing the Firewalk and Glasswalk. A Speaker, Transformational Trainer and Motivator, Terry inspires everyone to take the steps and walk on fire and Glass.

“I am passionate about helping people realise their potential and break through barriers in life and fire walking is the perfect event for this. I love seeing people realise what they are capable of when they focus the mind.”


Te Rauparahas Haka Ka Mate Famously known from New Zealand’s National rugby team The All Blacks. The Haka is about taking on any challenge put in front of you, It is also about respecting the challenge as well as the opponent. Because of Terry’s Maori cultural background he performs, teaches and passionately brings to life The Haka to all who participates in The Fire Walk (Not one to miss)!

The Haka gives you focus, confidence, builds teams, reinforces bonds and is incredibly powerful as you are prepared for the ultimate experience of the fire walk and Glasswalk


The very first fire walk dates back 3000 years ago in India, over the centuries its been used as rituals healing ceremonies and to avoid paying taxes.
In the modern era it was taught to the masses from a californain guy by the name of Tolly Burkan to help transform the mindset of a person into helping them achieve many things in life.

As you are prepared for the fire walk, you will be taken through what to expect step by step. From the minute you line up its time for you to walk across the hot coals. A demonstration will be given by our highly trained instructor so you are fully comfortable and prepared for your walk.


With every instinct in your body warning against the danger and peril of fire or glass, stepping across the hot coals or broken glass it takes more than courage. It takes a new mindset to overcome those limiting beliefs. That new mindset can make us realise anything is possible. It pushes our boundaries and bonds us with those who journey with us, forming lifelong memories and signifying lasting change.

It helps us realise that an open mind and determination can change “I can’t “ to “I can” and will leave you with renewed self belief, a desire for success and a new drive to reach your full potential.

This time-honoured ritual is referenced in many ancient articles and has a long history. People have fire walked and glass walked over the centuries to improve fertility, demonstrate strength and during the Roman era it could even get you out of paying your taxes!

While we can’t guarantee a tax break, we can guarantee a unique and fun experience in the safe hands of highly trained professionals.